Saturday, September 20, 2008

Data Sufficiency Question Set-1

1. Statement a alone is sufficient.
2. Statement b alone is sufficient.
3. Both statements a and b are sufficient.
4. Neither statements are sufficient.

1. What is the value of the integer x?
a. x is the prime factor of 42
b. 5 £ x £ 11

2. What is the value of y – x ?
a. 7 4x – 3 = 343
b. 7 x+y = 49 4

3. Is x a positive integer?
a. x2 > 0
b. x3 <>
4. What is the area of the D ABC ?
a. AC = 40cm
b. BC=AB

5. What is the ratio of boys to girls in class X?
a. If 10 more girls join the ratio of boys to girls will be 1:1.
b. If 20 more boys join the ratio of boys to girls will be 3:1.

6. What is the width of the circular path around the park?
a. The area of the park is 289pm2.
b. The radius of the park including the circular path is 23m.

7. What is the money collected for a Roller Coaster ride from 40 adults and 50 children ?
a. An adult ticket costs Rs.4 more than the children’s ticket.
b. Three adults and five children ticket costs Rs.92.

8. If x + y + z = 45, what is the value of x.y + z.x + z.y ?
a. x, y and z are positive integers.
b. x , y and z are consecutive odd integers.

9. What is the probability of getting a green ball from the urn?
a. The urn contains 36 green, black and red balls?
b. The ratio of red to black is 2:1.

10. What is the value of x?
a. 9x – 5y = 21
b. 3x – 5y/3 = 7

11. What is the postage of the packet?
a. The packet weighted 800gms.
b. The first 500gms cost Rs.75 and each additional 50gms costs Rs.5.

12. What is the area of the triangle?
a. The ratio of a: b: c is 4:5:6.
b. The semi perimeter is 22.5.

13. What is the ratio of semi perimeter of the triangle to in radius of triangle ?
a. The sides of the triangle are 17 cm, 15 cm, 12 cm.
b. The perimeter of the triangle is 44 cms.

14. What is the volume of the cylinder?

a. The volume of cylinder is half the volume of sphere.
b. The radius of the sphere is 9 cm2 .

15. Who among A, B, C, D, E and F won the race?
a. C finished second.
b. D, E and F were disqualified for violation.

16. Who is among W, X, Y and Z is the heaviest?
a. W consumes more carbohydrates.
b. X and Y consume more proteins.

17. Is tomorrow Christmas?
a. Christmas is celebrated on 25th Dec.
b. Day after tomorrow is 26th Dec.

18. What is the height of the ladder?
a. The height of wall against which the ladder rests is 12 m.
b. The angle made by ladder and floor is 600.

19. What is the % increase in area of the rectangle?
a. The area of the rectangle is 180cm2.
b. If length and breath are increased by 15cms and 10cms respectively.Then, the perimeter of the rectangle is 104cms.

20. What is the average snowfall in the month of January?
a. The average snowfall for the first fifteen days in January is 3cms.
b. The average snowfall for the following fifteen days in January is 4cms.


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