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Logical Reasoning Question Set-1

Directions for questions 1 to 25
Each question is based on a passage. Select the best answer choice given
Difficulty level: Moderate

Problem 1
A Company manufactures chairs. In 1994 its installed capacity was 3 lacs. Now it doubled in 1998 and remained the same in 1999. Through 1995-1997 it was 2/3 the capacity of 1998. Capacity utilization is inversely proportional to capacity. In all years except 1994 capacity utilization was below 100% though production increased steadily over the years. In 1994 it was 110%, 1995-85%, 1996-90%, 1997-91% and 1998-76%. In 1999 it was the same as 1996 levels.
The selling price was Rs4 per unit in 1994 increased at 10% per annum till 1996. In 1997 it was Rs5 per unit and thereafter it rose 20% per annum. Unit sales are 90% of production in 1994 and 1995 and 95% in 1997,1998,1999.
1996 was a boom year in which the company sold all that it produced in that year plus the inventory of the last 2 years (assume opening inventory to be zero in 1994). The company has been facing heavy competition and market share by value has been declining from 25% in 1994-95, it was 60% of that in 1998-99. 1996 & 1997 shares were equal to the average share of these 6 years. The company spends 4.33% of its sales revenue every year on advertising.

1. What was the production in 1997?
1] 350,000 2] 360,000 3] 364,000 4] 365,000

2. What was the total sales revenue in 1996?
1] 1,900,360 2] 2,066,680 3] 1,890,560 4] 2,135,500

3. What was the advertising expenditure in 1998?
1] 112,545 2] 120,000 3] 135,000 4] 123,345

4. What were the unit sales in 1996?
1] 427,000 2] 450,000 3] 360,000 4] 365,000

5. What was the total market in 1997?
1] 84.39lac 2] 86.45lac 3] 79.69lac 4] cannot be determined

Problem 2
IN organizing a newspaper 4 editors are required ;the managing editor, the news editor, the sports editor and the entertainment editor. The managing editor can work only on Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and Friday the whole day. The news editor can work only on Monday afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday the whole day. The sports editor can work only on Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings and Wednesday the whole day. The entertainment editor can work all day Monday and Wednesday only.

1. If the managing editor cannot edit until each of the others has completed atleast a full day of work, when is the earliest the managing editor can work?
1]Wednesday afternoon 2]Friday morning 3]Monday morning 4]Thursday afternoon
2. One of the editors must work completely alone for the whole day in order to prevent confusion and disorder. If no other editor can afford to lose his available time, then the only possible editor privileged with working alone is
1]The news editor on Tuesday 2]The managing editor on Friday 3]The sports editor on Monday 4]The entertainment editor on Thursday

Problem 3
4 people Arti, Banti, Chetan and Dolly have together got Rs100 with them. Arti and Banti together have got as much money as Chetan & Dolly put together. Arti has got more money than Banti. Chetan has half as much money as Dolly has. Arti has Rs5 more than Dolly.

Who has got the most money?
1] Arti 2] Dolly 3] Chetan 4] Cannot be determined

How much does Banti have?
1] 12.03 2] 11.6 3] 13.3 4] None of these

Who has got the second biggest sum?
1] Arti 2] Chetan 3] Dolly 4] Banti

What is the ratio of the amount with Chetan and Dolly?
1] 2:1 2] 1:2 3] 1:3 4] 1:4

Who has got the least amount of money?
1] Banti 2] Arti 3] Chetan 4]Dolly


Problem 4
The following is the list of instructions to be followed
Step1: x=0 A=2 B=3
Step2: If X<5>
Step3: Y=A+B replace A by B replace B by Y
Step4: Type Y Step5: Increase X by 2
Step6: Goto Step2
Step7: Exit 1.

1. When X=4 what value of Y is typed?
1] 12 2] 8 3] 13 4] 5 2.

2. Suppose Step5 is replace by 'Increase X by 5' then what would be the last value of Y typed?
1] 5 2] 4 3] 6 4] 9

3. After the set of instructions is over at Step 7 what is the value of X
1] 5 2] 4 3] 3 4] 7


Problem 5
Five offices in Mumbai are run by five couples
Husbands: Bala, Girish, Jai, Jayesh, Pratap
Wife: Beena, Chand, Maya, Preeti, Sangeeta
Surname: Bakshi, Joshi, Natwar, Parikh, Sahni
Office: Air India, Jet, Ashiana, Indian Court, American Court
No husband shares a first name initial with his wife; Only one husband who is not Pratap has an identical initial for his first name and surname, but none of the wives does
The Air India is run by Jai and his wife
Girish and Maya are one of the couples
Chand’s husband is Mr. Natwar
Mrs. Joshi is the owner of Jet and Preeti is the owner of American Court; neither of them is married to Jayesh
The office run by the Sahni has the word ‘Court’ as part of its name
The Ashiana is not run by Mr.Parikh whose wife is not Sangeeta

1. Jai’s wife is
1] Preeti 2]Chand 3] Maya 4] Beena

2. The Sahni’s run the restaurant
1] Ashiana 2] Air India 3] Jet 4] Indian Court

3. Which of the men has the surname Natwar
1]Bala 2] Pratap 3] Jai 4] Jayesh

4. Which of the following women is Mrs. Joshi
1] Preeti 2] Chandni 3] Sangeeta 4] Beena

5. Bala’s surname is
1] Parikh 2] Joshi 3] Bakshi 4] Sahni


Problem 6
Five brothers have among them a pair of twins who are neither the oldest nor the youngest. E is older than C but younger than B. D is younger than 3 brothers

The youngest is
1] A 2] B 3] C 4] D

One of the twin pair is
1] B 2] C 3] D 4] E

The eldest is
1] A 2] B 3] C 4] E

The one who has as many elder brothers as younger brothers is
1] A 2] B 3] E 4] none of these

Who is the fourth brother
1] A 2] B 3] D 4] E


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